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Jun 29, 2011
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Adam’s Peak

Referred to by the locals as Samanala Kanda (which means Butterfly Mountain) is a located towards the South of the Central Highlands of Srilanka. The surrounding area is largely hills covered with thick jungle and is bordering on Sri lanka’a largest remaining Natural Rain Forest of Singha Raja Forest.

A 2,243meter tall skyward pointing mountain is the only comparable mountain of its size nearby and provides a focal point to any journey to this part of the region.

Every year thousands of devotes climb to the summit to pay their respects to the Sri Pada (which means the Sacred Footprint) a 1.8m rock formation at its summit which Buddhist’s believe is the footprint of Buddha, made by one of his three visits to Sri Lanka.

The Hindu’s believe it is that of Shiva and the Muslims say it’s that of Adam. Despite which of these myths are true, it is simply invigorating to witness the sense of togetherness the pilgrims of these different faiths provide during their tedious climb to the top.

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