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Jan 01, 2011
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Sri Lanka 4WD Jeep Adventure Holidays

In a land that as picturesque and untamed as the Sri Lankan outback a 4WD Jeep tour will be you most comfortable and thrilling experience. Despite Sri Lanka being relatively small in size compared to may other destinations in the world, traveler should realize the road surfers are still in the process of development with many roads being mere two lane passages. As a result, if you are opting to explore the road less traveled on, we strongly recommend you opt for 4WD Jeep transfers.

Whether you're cruising along the sand dunes on the sun-kissed beaches of Sri Lanka between the ocean and the lagoon at KALPITIYA in southern Sri Lanka, riding the 32 hair-pin bends of the Devil's staircase near BELIHULOYA, or crossing the many streams on the exciting ‘Makara' (dragon) drive to the GAL OYA NATIONAL PARK reservoir, you can be sure that these ‘off-the-road' adventures are a simply trilling experience that is sure to add spice to your Sri Lankan Adventure.

Target Travels Sri Lanka offers complete adventurous Sri Lankan jeep tours for any number of days, short 4WD tour programs combined with any of the other activities that we offer, or even longer ‘cross-country' jeep tours that start from one end of Sri Lanka to reach a specific destination. The objective being to avoiding main roads as much as possible!



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